The sky is falling.

Talk to me cutie!   Louise, 25.

I like lists. They make me feel better. I like The Remus Lupins. That's my problem, no one elses.


"Girls are not machines that you put kindness coins into until sex falls out."
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littlelimpstiff14u2Alexander Korzer-Robinson

I make book sculptures / cut books by working through a book, page by page, cutting around some of the illustrations while removing others. In this way, I build my composition using only the images found in the book.

Works are created using only the pictures that are already in the volumes and the end result is a hollowed out book with a layered composition similar to the Victorian paper theatres that were hugely popular at that time.

The books are sealed around the cut so they can no longer be opened, but are designed to be either hung on the wall or can stand by themselves as an art object.

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Ben Frost, ‘Know Your Product’

Paintings on pharmaceutical packaging

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さつき盆栽花季展 / Satsuki azalea bonsai exhibition

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All my favorite Harry Potter bad lip reading gifs I have collected 

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